Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to my healing blog

Hello and welcome. My name is Nancy Porfirio I am a certified hypnotherapist, raindrop therapist and also certified in reike. I prefer to try a holistic approach to healing before taking medicine. Peppermint and lavender are staples in my house, my car, my purse...I will be posting a lot of information here. Also the amazing power of our minds...with hypnosis. I have had a lot of success helping others with sports focus, pain management, test preparation, weight loss, and relaxation.

I will start with my love of pepperment. For years as a 911 dispatcher I have worked graveyard shift, 3am -1pm...etc...driving home can sometimes be a challenge...a wiff of pepperment...or a dab rubbed on my temples keeps me wide a wake the 35 min drive home...also for headaches, pains and aches...topically rub on area for relief....gas pain, heart burn, tummy aches...1 drop in a 16 oz bottle of water makes it all go away...or topically rub on's amazing...and so much better for you than all the chemicals in pills.

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