Friday, January 9, 2009

Essential Oils

I haven't had much time lately to add all the helpful informative posts I had wanted I thought I would put my website address to the company I buy all my oils from. They are pure first pressed oils and that you may ingest... You can not get oils like this at health food stores!!! These oils are more costly and I use them for healing and health...if I make candles or soaps. Here is the web address : If you are new to all this I highly recommend peppermint and lavender. Lemon is amazing...1 drop in a bottle of water helps clear your insides. Panaway is a blend that helps with muscle pain....takes leg cramps away immediately!!! LOVE IT! Citrus Fresh smells and taste good...good for diffusing in your can buy bamboo reeds...mix 8 drops of oil with some almond oil and it makes your house smell good! Ok...tomorrow I will tell you all about Theives important while we are spreading germs to one another! Bye for now! all info is on the Website!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to my healing blog

Hello and welcome. My name is Nancy Porfirio I am a certified hypnotherapist, raindrop therapist and also certified in reike. I prefer to try a holistic approach to healing before taking medicine. Peppermint and lavender are staples in my house, my car, my purse...I will be posting a lot of information here. Also the amazing power of our minds...with hypnosis. I have had a lot of success helping others with sports focus, pain management, test preparation, weight loss, and relaxation.

I will start with my love of pepperment. For years as a 911 dispatcher I have worked graveyard shift, 3am -1pm...etc...driving home can sometimes be a challenge...a wiff of pepperment...or a dab rubbed on my temples keeps me wide a wake the 35 min drive home...also for headaches, pains and aches...topically rub on area for relief....gas pain, heart burn, tummy aches...1 drop in a 16 oz bottle of water makes it all go away...or topically rub on's amazing...and so much better for you than all the chemicals in pills.